6 Signs Your Freezer Needs Repair Now

Frozen food in the freezer

New freezers do their job marvelously — until they start to age. Your freezer may start to act strange and slow down in performance. The freezer’s parts are often the first to go. Fortunately, repair jobs can help a freezer extend its lifespan. Your freezer may need repair if you notice any of these six […]

Save Money and Water With Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

open dishwasher with clean dishes

Having a dishwasher gives you a convenient way to wash your dishes without standing or hunching over your sink. As it ages, you may notice that it uses and wastes a lot of water. Learn how you can save money and reduce water waste with some handy dishwasher maintenance tips. Check and Clean the Filter […]

Maintaining Your Washing Machine Is an Easy New Year’s Resolution to Keep

washing machine in operation

Week after week, your washing machine fulfills its responsibilities to your household. To make sure it can continue to do a great job keeping your clothes clean, give it a little attention. Make it a New Year’s resolution to take care of the tasks described below. Use the Right Kind of Laundry Detergent Many newer […]

5 Signs You Need Freezer Repair

Frozen food in the freezer

From refrigerator and freezer combos to deep freeze units, a good freezer helps you stock up on the food your family loves. You can keep ice cream and other sweet treats on hand along with frozen veggies for quick meals. Freezers also let you prep meals on weekends and enjoy them later. If your freezer […]

Oven Maintenance: A Money-Saving Investment

Your home’s oven is not just a kitchen appliance; it’s also a money-saving tool when you keep it properly maintained. You might not think about an oven being able to save you money, but regular oven maintenance can conserve cash in a few essential ways. Keep reading to discover some of the important, cost-saving benefits […]

4 Reasons to Have Your Refrigerator Checked This Fall

If you are wondering whether you should have your refrigerator checked this fall, the answer is a resounding yes. Having a professional check your refrigerator comes with plenty of benefits, such as improving the efficiency of your refrigerator and giving you peace of mind knowing that your unit is functioning as anticipated. Other reasons to […]

How to Deal With Hot Spots in Your Kitchen Oven

Empty open oven with trays and lights on

The kitchen oven has long been a cornerstone of culinary convenience, allowing us to effortlessly bake, roast, and broil our favorite dishes to perfection. However, sometimes the results might not match our expectations. One common issue that home cooks encounter is the existence of hot spots within their ovens. These areas can lead to uneven […]

Protecting Your Plumbing System With Garbage Disposal Units

Flat lay view of mix of vegetables waste in home kitchen sink. Food background and texture

Sink-mounted garbage disposal units are an American invention that has been around since the Great Depression, but they did not become a standard household feature until after World War II because the early versions were not exactly up to the job. It took decades of research, development, and testing before the National Association of Plumbing […]