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Rebecca Hutchinson
Elvis was very efficient, thorough, and explained everything he was doing
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Kelly Peyton
They were great. Excellent service and very honest and helpful!
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Tyler Plewa
Very quick to come out and got repair done same day
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Nikolas Nemickas
Professional, transparent, and fair on price.
Valeria Nero
Valeria Nero
The owner Jamie is awesome! Ill be honest I like to shop around for the best price. Other companies wouldn’t even give me a price. I called Jamie, told him what was wrong with my washer and he told me what was wrong with it right away. He gave me an estimate and told me that went towards the repair. I got an appointment for the next day, and when he looked my washer it was the pump he told me about over the phone. He had the pump on him and fixed my washer the same day!! Thank you so much!!! Great price too.
Jeremy Burkett
Jeremy Burkett
These guys are great, quick to respond and fair pricing. I use them all of the time, they even work on most foreign brands which are hard to find local appliance repairman for. You cannot go wrong with Act Fast.
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James Sheehan
Thomas and Anthony were highly transparent and professional. Highly recommend.
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Dan Graunke
Jim has always been on time and attentive to the situation. Yes there are times he may need a part to complete the repair. He always re-schedules promptly and is honest and forward in making the repairs.


Empty open oven with trays and lights on

How to Deal With Hot Spots in Your Kitchen Oven

The kitchen oven has long been a cornerstone of culinary convenience, allowing us to effortlessly bake, roast, and broil our favorite dishes to perfection. However, sometimes the results might not match our expectations. One common issue that home cooks encounter is the existence of hot spots within their ovens. These areas can lead to uneven cooking, overdone or undercooked portions, and frustration in the kitchen.

Understanding Hot Spots

Hot spots refer to areas within an oven where the temperature is significantly higher than the rest of the cooking chamber. This can result in unevenly cooked food. For instance, if you’re baking a batch of cookies and one part of the tray is positioned over a hot spot, those cookies may brown and crisp more quickly than those in cooler areas of the oven. This can be particularly problematic for large roasts or delicate baked goods that require consistent heat for optimal results.

Causes of Hot Spots

Heating Element Placement

In some ovens, the heating element may be positioned unevenly, leading to localized hot spots. This is especially true in older models or budget-friendly options where precision engineering might be lacking.

Air Circulation

Improper air circulation within the oven can also lead to temperature discrepancies. Certain areas may become hotter than others if the hot air isn’t evenly distributed.

Cookware and Placement

The type of cookware you use and its placement within the oven can influence hot spots. Dark-colored or nonstick pans absorb more heat and create localized hot areas. Additionally, if you crowd the oven with multiple trays, the airflow can be disrupted, causing uneven cooking.

Testing for Hot Spots

Before taking corrective measures, it’s important to determine whether your oven indeed has hot spots. An easy way to test this is by placing slices of white bread evenly across a baking sheet and toasting them. You likely have hot spots if some slices turn golden brown while others remain pale.

Addressing the Issue

Preheating and Temperature Adjustment

Preheating the oven thoroughly can help to distribute heat more evenly. Additionally, consider lowering the temperature slightly from the recipe’s recommendation to account for potential hot spots.


Regularly rotating your pans during cooking can help to compensate for hot spots. This is particularly effective when baking multiple items on different levels.

Baking Stones or Tiles

Placing a baking stone or unglazed tiles on the oven rack can help to regulate heat distribution. These items absorb and evenly radiate heat, reducing the impact of hot spots.


Some modern ovens come equipped with better insulation and improved air circulation systems. If you’re experiencing chronic hot spots, investing in a newer, high-quality oven might be a solution.

Cookware Considerations

Opt for lighter-colored cookware that reflects rather than absorbs heat. Adjusting the size and shape of your cookware to fit within the oven without overcrowding can also help to maintain proper airflow.

The presence of hot spots in your oven doesn’t have to be a culinary nightmare. Whether you’re baking a batch of cookies, roasting a savory chicken, or crafting a delicate soufflé, a well-functioning oven is an essential tool in your culinary arsenal. If you’re an Oklahoma City, OK resident, contact Col-Tech Appliance Repair when you need repairs for stoves and ovens.