Save Money and Water With Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

open dishwasher with clean dishes

Having a dishwasher gives you a convenient way to wash your dishes without standing or hunching over your sink. As it ages, you may notice that it uses and wastes a lot of water. Learn how you can save money and reduce water waste with some handy dishwasher maintenance tips. Check and Clean the Filter […]

Oven Maintenance: A Money-Saving Investment

Your home’s oven is not just a kitchen appliance; it’s also a money-saving tool when you keep it properly maintained. You might not think about an oven being able to save you money, but regular oven maintenance can conserve cash in a few essential ways. Keep reading to discover some of the important, cost-saving benefits […]

Protecting Your Plumbing System With Garbage Disposal Units

Flat lay view of mix of vegetables waste in home kitchen sink. Food background and texture

Sink-mounted garbage disposal units are an American invention that has been around since the Great Depression, but they did not become a standard household feature until after World War II because the early versions were not exactly up to the job. It took decades of research, development, and testing before the National Association of Plumbing […]